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(Last Updated On: May 18, 2018)


Off the top of my head, I've had five MAJOR ideas that got me so excited that I struggled to sleep for several days in a row. I just wanted to stay up and work on them, because I knew they would bring me legit riches. Two absolutely did not work. One is just OK. One is definitely popping. Another is yet to happen. All of them caused a certain unhelpful thing – sleeplessness. Now I've got a handful of tricks that help me in my time of need.

1. Allocating time to tasks

I'm a big fan of structure and focus and all of that stuff. By actually dedicating time to certain tasks and projects, I can dramatically curb the amount of time spent dwelling on things that could be done.

There's a specific time to think. Right now, I've got three more things to tick off the to-do, before I get around to that.

2. 4-7-8 Breathing technique

I read this on Silent Night, so it has to be true. Going through this breathing cycle conks you out good and proper. I haven't had to use it this year, due to my third point, but it's such a reliable way to make sure that my mind doesn't wonder, once I'm in my bed.

It reminds me of my yoga days. While I don't think I'm going back to that kind of thing any time soon, this is an effective bite-size alternative.

3. Acquiring a baby

Copped a tiny person in January (up top in the image). He ensures that when it's bedtime, my mind is ready to settle. I can't stress enough how vital it is to squeeze out as much sleep as possible before you introduce babies into your home. They don't respect your sleep at all.

If you have trouble sleeping, I'm pretty certain this has a 99% success rate. Results may vary in the first couple of weeks, but YoYo's the most effective elements in my sleeping toolkit.


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