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(Last Updated On: March 12, 2018)


Three things that don't make sense in life:

  • How many decades we went without brakes on shopping trolleys
  • Soca (sorry)
  • Paying for a signature when sending myHermes parcels

myHermes' standard delivery is tracked. A tracked parcel is a parcel that is electronically processed at every stage of the delivery process. This means that myHermes, the sender and the recipient can see when:

  • The parcel's label is made
  • The parcel is taken to ParcelShop/collected from you
  • The parcel is collected
  • The parcel is taken to a local depo
  • The parcel is with a courier
  • The parcel is delivered/attempted to be delivered

It’s an amazing system that makes myHermes by far my favourite courier to use when I’m sending out eBay orders. As this is already the case with orders, I struggle to understand how there’s any extra value from getting a signature.

Save yourself the 80p.

It adds no value. myHermes can only deliver to your address if you are in, unless you request otherwise. If all of these parcels go through the same process, getting a signature at the final stage is superfluous. The 80p signature changes nothing.

Save yourself the 80p.

In the event that something goes wrong along the way and the parcel is lost, there is an electronic trail of where the parcel got to in the process. The chances are that they will be at fault. In this case, you can claim your money back.

Save yourself the 80p.

The only time I can see a signature bring necessary is if you're sending to a business address, or a shared home where the recipient doesn't get along with their housemates. In those case, they need to tell you they need a signature; not the other way around.

Save yourself the 80p.

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- Chiino

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