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(Last Updated On: December 3, 2017)

Break It Down for Me

It will always remember your first FBA shipment. It's a pain to load up all of those products on the system, but once you've shipped them out, and they start selling, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with eBay. Although you may be on a high, when you see your Amazon Seller app displaying an ever-increasing count of “Sales so far today”, you're going to be freaked out when you log in to your Seller Central account and find that some display a “Reserved” status.

Within your Manage FBA Inventory dashboard, you will be met with inventory that is one of these statuses:

Inbound: On its way to a fulfilment centre

Fulfillable: Available for sale

Unfulfillable: Not available for sale

Reserved: Hmm

Reserved Products - Probably Busy

So what on earth does “Reserved” mean and where's the money at? I'll explain all in just a mo.


Why Reserved?

Reserved can mean a few things, all of which will prompt a completely different reaction from you. These are the typical reasons, and how you’re likely to respond:

  • You’ve made a sale. Do a little dance.
  • Your item has been purchased, and the buyer has bought multiple items, so it’s being queued until it’s all combined and sent out. Again, do a dance.
  • Pricing alerts. Sort it out.
  • There are quality issues with your product. Investigate
  • Your items are being transferred from one fulfilment centre to another. Kiss your teeth.


Whether congratulations are in order or not, Amazon have got things under control.


Should I Be Concerned?

Seeing that you're item is reserved shouldn't be a cause for concern. Amazon know what they are doing and want to sell your item, just like you. Things tend to change in a couple of days. If it’s something with a high value, it’s worth taking note of when you see that it’s been reserved. If things don’t change in a week, investigate and get in contact with them. They should be able to let you know the score.

Generally, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If there is an issue with a product, it tends to be marked as “Unfulfillable’, and they’ll email you the details about it. These are the ones you need to put more effort into, as they may end up removing these ones from your inventory altogether, unless you act on it.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

As of the time of writing, the AmazonSeller mobile app is rather inaccurate. It can sometime have “Active” products in your inventory that you actually sold (and would be “Reserved” on desktop). It may state that there are 0 “Available”, but in that case, they shouldn’t be “Active” – as you will see on the desktop. It’s confusing, but it’s a reminder that the desktop version and their emails are the most accurate representation of what’s going on with your products.

If you find that there are no longer any products available on one of your SKUs, it might be because it’s yet to arrive, because there are quality issues, because it’s being transferred, or because it’s sold. When you’re new and you have a small inventory, it can be stressful when things aren’t there, but you will soon learn that it’s just part of the system.


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